Why Store Equipment?

  1. Equipment is protected from environmental damage
  2. No freezing of liquids or coolants
  3. No paint fading or gel coat oxidation
  4. No tire cracking
  5. No roof resealing or recoating
  6. No bleaching or rotting of canvas or awnings
  7. No rusting or corrosion of chrome or aluminum
  8. No damage to wood, window tinting, upholstery or fabric from excess heat, cold or UV.
  9. No water spots or black streaking
  10. When you store your vehicle at home, thieves can detect when you are away, increasing the threat to your home and personal property.
  11. No potential for problems with covenants, city ordinances, or disgruntled neighbors that occur when parking your vehicle at your home.
  12. No bird, snake, insect, or rodent infestations
  13. No need for expensive wheel or vehicle covers.
  14. Indoor storage is more secure.  Threat of break-in, theft, and vandalism is greatly diminished.
  15. You save money.  The cost savings of repair and maintenance will exceed the cost of indoor storage.
  16. You save your valuable time for fun, not cleaning, repairing and maintaining.

Protect your investment and spend your valuable time using it!  More resale value is lost with recreational equipment due to the environment it is stored in than its actual use.