Please call Rapid RV Storage at (605) 721-3276 during normal business hours for any answers to questions you do not find on this FAQ.

What are the normal business hours of the storage facility?   The normal business hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00pm. Closed weekends and holidays.

How does pick-up and drop off work?   After a contract is in place, you may drop off your property at any time in the South parking lot designated drop off areas. All unmotorized vehicles must be properly chocked with chocks provided. All keys to motorized vehicles and trailer locks must be left in the locked drop box located near the walk in door. Property left outside of normal business hours will be placed in the storage facility as soon as possible the following business day. All property may be picked up during normal business hours with a two hour notice to on site management. Pick up of property outside of normal business hours is also available. All property pick up outside of business hours requires a minimum of 4hrs notice prior to the end of business day. Property will be moved during business hours to the South parking lot and keys to property will be placed in individual lock boxes that are accessible by the owner’s PIN number designated on your contract paperwork.

Is the facility secure?   The facility is locked during normal business hours, and access is permitted to owners by onsite management during normal business hours (Note:  management will require your PIN for access). A monitored security system is active during all non-business hours. A security camera overlooks the South parking lot.

Can I check on my property?   Yes. You may check on your property during normal business hours after gaining access by management and signing in and out of the facility log. You may be restricted from performing maintenance or service work to you property based on management’s discretion.

Can I remove and return my property from the storage facility during the contract period?   Yes. This is considered “In/out” and you must provide proper notice and will be charge a fee listed in the pricing guide. In/out service is only available to winter contract customers.

Can I leave a vehicle on the property if I come to use my RV?   Yes. You may leave your vehicle in the East parking lot. You must register this vehicle in the company log with proper contact information. Management’s approval is required for requests to leave a vehicle for more than one week. Note: the East parking lot is not secured, and RVSS will not be responsible for any damage, theft or vandalism of vehicles left in this or any other area. Any vehicle left in the lot that is not registered will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Can anyone call in to remove my property from the facility?   No. Only owners or their designated representatives, that have the owner’s PIN, will be allowed to remove property.

What happens if Rapid RV Storage damages my property?   All storage contracts require the owner to have appropriate insurance prior to storing any property. If Rapid RV Storage damages your equipment, we will first notify you and set up a time to review the damage together. At that time, Rapid RV Storage will either repair the damage or pay your deductible up to $1,000 at our discretion.

Do I need to winterize my property?   You will not need to prepare your equipment for rain, snow, sun, or freezing conditions. Rapid RV Storage recommends that the owner perform any long term storage maintenance recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Ex. oil changes, fuel stabilizer, etc.

Does Rapid RV Storage perform any other services for my property?   All additional services will be listed in the price guide, or contact onsite management for services not listed in this guide.

Can I get to my property or remove it during non-business hours?   Yes, with some limitations on access hours. An emergency number is available to contact management in this event. This is considered an emergency, and management will meet you at the facility for access and/or removal of your equipment with an additional emergency charge.